Established in 1921 in Tokyo – Japan, by constantly changing and applying the most advanced technology, Terumo has established itself as one of the leading medical device manufacturers. With a series of plants located in the world such as in Japan, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam … and branches and representative offices in many countries around the world, Terumo products are being offered to more than 150 countries in the world.

TERUMO came to Vietnam in 1994, initially resonating in the medical industry by contributing importantly to the hematopoietic transplantation of the blood storage system in bottles to the full use of plastic bags. The blood, blood transfusions and blood transfusion equipment of TERUMO have been present in most hospitals and in parallel with the development of blood transfusion in Vietnam since then. April 2008, TERUMO start production at Terumo Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam

TERUMO’s automatic infusion equipment such as infusion pumps and infusion pumps are currently in common use in most hospitals across the country and are trusted by doctors and nurses for their durability. And the interface is simple, easy to use.

In the open heart surgery sector, we have provided the Circulatory System for most open heart surgery centers throughout the country, and our specialists are always accompanied by surgeons and Run the machine to ensure that these systems work accurately and persistently to meet the needs of doctors.

And many of TERUMO’s other medical products have been successively introduced as cardiac interventions such as Balloon, Stent, Diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, blood donors, syringes, needles, blood needles, intravenous needles, spinal needles, needles … have won the trust of the people. Used and increasingly popular in the medical facilities throughout the country.